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Razor Trail Survivors is a mainly-idle game, meaning that you can close the game while performing an action and it will continue executing it until you come back or a time-out is reached (keep-alive). You can take advantage of this when you need to execute an action many times, such as mining resources, preparing a big supply of food or fight a bunch of enemies - or when you're simply too busy to pay attention to the game.

On the occasions when you're more actively playing, you can look for scavenging opportunities and other random events, fight other players, manage your inventory, select the best equipment for your next tasks, buy and sell in the market and chat with your fellow faction members.

Idle-tasks guide[]

Razor Trail Survivors' basic gameplay can be categorized into 4 very broad and general tasks that can usually be executed automatically while the player is idle:

Traveling to a location[]

Before you can start executing an action such as mine iron, you need to move to the location where that action is available, which is Grey Mines.

This is done by selecting the travel tab in the top menu:

Beginners guide picture 2.png

If you're already in the correct region (Channel Island) the region map will the displayed. If not, you have to press the Back button on the bottom of the screen to go to the world map and then select the Channel Island region. Once the Channel Island map is displayed, you have to tap the correct location and hit Go.

Beginners guide picture 3.png

Collecting resources[]

Resources are essential in Razor Trail Survivors and allow you to make tools, weapons, armor, food, other consumables and perform special actions. There are 5 resource collecting skills:


Allows you to collect metals, construction materials and other useful minerals. A good place to start is Grey Mines as it allows you to mine both iron and coal. Those can then be crafted into steel which is a base resource for most equipment.


Allows you to collect wood (a base resource for making equipment and cooking) and many different forest-related side-drops. The first forestry action you can perform is at Sparse Forest, getting wood and some acorns.


Allows you to catch fish for food and the occasional random resource. The first location you should visit for this is Channel Docks where you'll be able to catch mackerel right from the start.


Allows you to harvest vegetables and herbs from common areas and player-owned gardens. There are very few permanent areas where you can gather resources - Crumbling Farm is one available from the start and allows you to get cotton for some basic armor/clothes.


Allows you to loot, steal and retrieve useful items and resources from random, temporary events. Since there are no permanent locations, this is not recommended for a new player unless you happen to find one of those events.

Transforming resources[]

Resources can be transformed in many ways, but the most usual are:

Similar to all other actions, you first need to move to the location where the action you want to perform is available.

Fighting enemies[]

Active-playing guide[]

Even though the basics are very simple, in order to be more effective and get the most out of the game, there are other broad gameplay activities (mostly active) that the player can engage in:

  1. Equipment management
  2. House and inventory management
  3. Searching for random events
  4. Faction strategy planning

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